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How to Outfit Your New Bike

How to Outfit Your New Bike

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Fueled by a global pandemic and the sudden shift away from mass transit, bike sales skyrocketed in 2020. In fact, right now, in the U.S., we are in the middle of the biggest cycling sales boom since the 1970s. Come next year, millions of new riders will have taken to the streets, many for the first time. To help all those beginner bikers get the most out of their cycling experience, we’ve put together a handy buying guide of cycling accessories.


The number one rule of bike safety is always going to be wear your helmet. In fact, we would go so far as to say that a bike helmet is less cycling accessory and more life-saving necessity. No sales pitch or clever wordplay here. If you own a bike, wear a helmet. That’s it.

Bern Macon 2.0 MIPS Helmet

Recommended Product: The Macon 2.0 from Bern champions the cool aesthetic of the original Macon helmet, while managing to improve both its comfort and ventilation. In other words: It’s not as heavy and your head won’t get as warm. Oh, and it will protect your brain in case you fall.

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