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Introduction to Super-Telephoto Lenses

Introduction to Super-Telephoto Lenses

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Bristling along the sidelines of practically every professional sporting event, super-telephoto lenses are known for their ability to reach out and capture distant subjects with exceptional clarity and speed. They feel incredible in the hand, with top-of-the-line build quality and a heft that gives shooters confidence in their equipment. Many feature a variety of switches and buttons that allow users to set up the lens for optimal performance in any situation.

In addition to length, these lenses feature all of the latest technology, such as advanced optical construction, accurate image stabilization, and exceptionally quick autofocus motors. Super-telephotos sit at the top of their respective lens lineups because of this assortment of features and capabilities, and being packed with the latest tech ensures that any investment is well worth it. And, fortunately for mirrorless shooters, some new brands and lens lines are finally getting some true super-telephoto additions.

Focal Length

The most important feature of these lenses will always be their focal length. The ability to photograph and record images from an extremely long distance cannot be understated, especially when dealing with subject matter that is inaccessible, easily spooked, or both. The most common use for lenses longer than 300mm would be sports and wildlife, where photographers are prevented from getting close to their subjects.

Prime lenses tend to dominate in terms of quality and length, with the longest offerings currently available being a few 800mm primes, although there have been even longer focal lengths available in the past. This compares to zoom lenses, which tend to top out around 600mm at their longest reach. While primes can be longer and certainly faster, zooms do offer greater flexibility to cover a huge array of super-tele focal lengths within a single lens.

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