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Landscape Photography and Different Types of Natural Light

Landscape Photography and Different Types of Natural Light

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There is a lot of talk about lighting and photography, and specifically how learning to use light can make you a better photographer. This is true, of course, but is also a notion that’s more often applied to working with artificial lighting, such as for portraits or products, where you can work in a studio with a strobe or LED to fine-tune how your shot looks. When it comes to landscapes, on the other hand, most likely you won’t have the ability to or just won’t want to use artificial lighting for your scenic shots. This is part of the challenge and enjoyment of landscape photography: learning how to look at natural light and use it to your advantage.

Distinctly warm light gives this image its familiar feeling of a late afternoon in the park at the end of summer.

Just like using a strobe or LED in a studio, photographing a landscape and using the sun requires planning. The difference is that timing is also a large factor for outdoor, natural-light shooting. Your control over the light is often limited, which means you need to do your research, so you don’t miss the window of time to get the shot you want. This is a skill all photographers should learn, and it’s a skill you’ll hone over time. With a little guidance about what to look out for and some tools you can use, that learning curve can be reduced a bit to help you work with natural light.

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