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Leica Announces SL2-S Mirrorless Hybrid Camera

Leica Announces SL2-S Mirrorless Hybrid Camera

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Leica is expanding its mirrorless lineup and venturing into the hybrid shooting realm with the announcement of the SL2-S camera. Modeled after its popular SL2, the SL2-S strives to take the concept of an all-arounder or hybrid further by offering equal billing to photo and video specs.

Leica is primarily known as a camera company for photographers—"photographers' photographers," even—but the SL-series of cameras are breaking the mold from Leica's traditional rangefinder designs and stills-only offerings to suit more contemporary styles of shooting.

From the outside, the SL2-S looks just like the SL2, except that the Leica name on front and top is blacked-in. From here, though, the SL2-S distinguishes itself with an all-new full-frame 24.6MP BSI CMOS sensor and an updated Maestro III image processor. The sensor is the first time Leica is using a BSI design, which should yield cleaner image quality and reduced noise throughout the ISO 100-100000 range, while still offering the characteristic "Leica look" to photos and video.

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