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Shooting Portraits on Location—A Primer

Shooting Portraits on Location—A Primer

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Location, location, location might be best known as the buzzword of real estate agents, but in many ways, this classic motto is also key to capturing striking portraits. When it comes to creating images, planning a portrait session on location encompasses much more than finding a visually pleasing backdrop for your shoot.

Finding and Recording Locations

Whether you shoot portraits on a regular basis or only occasionally, compiling a reference list of suitable shoot locations will keep you well prepared for future opportunities. You probably already have your favorite spots, but it’s a good idea to add to your collection continuously. Variety counts—since the more options you have, the better able you are to make the right choice for each client or subject. Be sure to take your signature style into account, as well.

You may want to set aside a few hours from time to time to scout new locations in person. Equally important is paying attention to your local surroundings; you may find some prime settings during your everyday outings.

Other ways to identify locations—especially if you have a shoot out of your immediate area—include Google Street View, searching Instagram or various social media/image sharing sites, and contacting other photographers whose images you admire.

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