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The Latest and Greatest Lighting Tools from Godox

The Latest and Greatest Lighting Tools from Godox

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For a lighting company that’s only been around for just over a decade, Godox has managed to establish itself not only as a recognizable brand among on-camera, portable, and LED lighting manufacturers, but as a serious contender in a fiercely competitive marketplace. And how did the company manage to gain such a solid footing in such a short time? Easy. Godox produces exciting state-of-the-art lighting products at price points that make the competition’s bean counters queasy. The following are some of the more recent and popular Godox flash products.

Godox On-Camera Flash

The Godox V1 TTL lithium-ion round head flash isn’t your grandad’s speedlight. Advanced enough for professional use in the studio or on location, the Godox V1 packs 76Ws into a sleek compact flash system that can be used equally well on or off camera, all while delivering evenly distributed light throughout its 28mm to 105mm auto zoom range. Some of the features found on the Godox V1 flash system include the following:

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