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Using Google Earth to Plan Landscape Photos

Using Google Earth to Plan Landscape Photos

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Many genres of photography benefit from planning your shots beforehand, whether that means sketching ideas in a studio, taking some casual smartphone photos beforehand, or creating a schedule and shot list for a shoot. For landscape photographers, planning is an essential part of the process, mainly because it will improve your efficiency and help you get the shot you need by being in the right place at the right time. For planning a specific shot, nothing beats having personal experience with a location to be familiar with where to go, and when, but a good alternative is to use Google Earth.

Google Earth, or specifically for the purposes of this article, Google Earth Pro, is sort of like the big brother to Google Maps—a tool you are likely familiar with for just getting around on a daily basis. Google Earth, on the other hand, is a downloadable app that takes mapping and satellite imagery to a more sophisticated level. Working along the same lines as Google Maps, though, you can easily find locations and how to get to them, but with Google Earth, you can more efficiently seek out vantage points and even change the time of day in the scene to help visualize lighting conditions. What this means for photographers is that you can easily scout locations and get an idea of the lighting at a certain time of day—before you visit.

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