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Using Scrims and Flags for Portraits

Using Scrims and Flags for Portraits

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There are countless ways to modify light sources to achieve the exact image you want to create. While softboxes, umbrellas, and beauty dishes (deservedly) get much love from portrait photographers, they are far from the only means of adjusting and shaping light. Scrims and flags are as uncomplicated as they are useful when you need to adjust or transform your light source when making portraits. Whether working in-studio or outdoors, these tools can elevate your images while often taking little time to set up.

What Are Scrims and Flags?

A scrim is a material placed between your light source and your subject that either reduces light or diffuses (and reduces) light. They come in many shapes, sizes, and constructions depending upon their intended usage, and it is not uncommon for photographers to create their own using their preferred diffusion materials. Scrims may have a solid frame or an open-end construction. Open-end scrims are designed to “feather” their effect to avoid harsh, noticeable falloff at the edge of the frame. Conversely, while scrims are used to transform light, flags are opaque and block light entirely.

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