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Year in Review 2020: FUJIFILM Lenses

Year in Review 2020: FUJIFILM Lenses

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Compared to many other manufacturers, FUJIFILM’s strategy has been to skip the trend of full frame by “sandwiching it” and focusing on APS-C-format and medium format mirrorless systems. This unique decision means that FUJIFILM is pressed to keep two lens mounts active to maintain interest for both systems, and 2020 saw FUJIFILM on its game with a series of releases for X and G lens mounts. Its APS-C-size X System is the more mature system and, as such, the company has been focusing on filling in gaps and even repeating focal lengths with updated or alternative lens offerings. The medium format GFX system, on the other hand, is still relatively new, and FUJIFILM is still laying the foundation for this growing format.

XC 35mm f/2

Beginning with FUJIFILM’s sleeper lens of the year, the XC 35mm f/2 is the first XC-series prime lens to be released. Previously, XC lenses were your standard kit zooms, built to be smaller and lighter than XF-types lenses. This new 35mm f/2 changes this up a bit, because it’s a standard-length prime lens and was released alongside the new entry-level X-T200 camera. Its super-sleek size makes it perfect for these smaller camera bodies, and the bright f/2 design is a welcome change from the typically slower designs of kit zooms. This lens also sports a stepping motor for smooth and quick autofocus performance that suits both photo and video shooting.

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