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BenQ PD2705Q: A Great 27" Monitor for Anyone

BenQ PD2705Q: A Great 27" Monitor for Anyone

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Short Description:

Product Description

With a huge shift toward working from home, it became very clear to many that the small screen on their laptop or all-in-one PC wasn’t going to cut it. A monitor upgrade is, perhaps, one of the most important changes you can make when improving a computer work space because it is the thing you are going to spend hours viewing. I’m here to recommend the BenQ PD2705Q DesignVue 27" Monitor as a great choice for those who want a good blend of features, quality, and affordability.

Key Features

  • 27" 2560 x 1440 IPS display
  • HDR10 support
  • 100% coverage sRGB/Rec.709
  • KVM Switch function
  • Eye Care modes
  • HDMI 2.0 DisplayPort 1.4, and USB-C video connections

Core Specs

Whenever I recommend a monitor, my go-to size/resolution is a 27" 1440p display. I think it is the best all-around option for most. It has a decent 60 Hz refresh rate, as well, which is all that most people need. The PD2705Q hits all these key metrics and is a very clean-looking monitor, too, and its thin bezels make it a good option if you want to pick up a pair to have side by side on your desk.

Featuring BenQ’s AQCOLOR Technology and factory calibration, the display looks great out of the box. For color-critical work, the 8-bit PD2705Q claims 100% coverage of sRGB/Rec.709 and a Delta E of <3, which means that the average user should not be able to see any difference between colors. This is suitable for web design where sRGB is still a common standard.

One interesting feature of this monitor is HDR10 support. If you want to do some HDR previews for video editing—or even want to plug in a console for gaming—this is a great feature to have. The display is limited to a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m2, compared to high-end HDR at 1000 cd/m2, but it does a decent job of mapping the tones and providing additional detail over a basic SDR display.

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