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Godox Announces Ultra-Portable AD100Pro Pocket Flash

Godox Announces Ultra-Portable AD100Pro Pocket Flash

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The Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash is designed for photographers in need of a compact off-camera strobe that doesn’t skimp on features. Compatible with its 2.4 GHz wireless system, and adaptable to an extensive range of modifiers, this 100Ws light maintains all of the creative possibilities of its larger AD siblings at a fraction of the size. Nearly as small as a can of soda, it is the perfect light for portrait, street, fashion, event, and travel photographers working on the go.

Godox AD100pro Pocket Flash
Godox AD100Pro Pocket Flash

A true hand-holdable strobe, the AD100Pro weighs just over 1 lb and measures only 4.7" long and 3" wide. While its round head produces natural-looking light out of the box, pairing it with the separately available AK-R1 Accessory Kit adds even more creative control via barndoors, a diffusion dome, and filtration secured with magnets.

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