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Photographing the Colors and Shadows of Winter Light

Photographing the Colors and Shadows of Winter Light

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When it comes to outdoor and travel photography, every season has its signature attributes. Springtime is about the pastels of awakening flowers, summer is about the lushness of landscapes in full bloom, and fall is the final riot of color before the onset of winter. And winter? Winter is about light, and wouldn’t you know it—that’s exactly what photography is about.

Photographs © Allan Weitz 2021

During the winter months, the sun never tracks high in the sky, which makes for long shadows all day long.

Photographically, winter is an interesting season, and much of it has to do with the way the sun travels across the sky between sunrise and sunset. As any experienced outdoor photographer can tell you, the prettiest light is always during the first and last hour or so of the day. This is when the color of the light is golden and the shadows are at their longest. And gone is the glare of the harsher midday sunlight.

During the summer months, when the sun climbs to a much higher apogee in the sky, you have to wait up to 12 hours between the prettier and picture-friendlier light of dawn and dusk.

It’s not that you cannot take pictures during the midday hours of the summer months, because you can. The problem is that because the sun tracks high, the light is high in contrast, with harsh shadows that among other things create racoon-like shadows under people’s eyes when photographed outdoors around lunchtime.

This isn’t the case during the winter months. If anything, the shadows are picture-friendly all day long. The temperatures might be cold, but the light is sweet throughout the day during the winter months.

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