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Pro-Style Control with Manfrotto Gimbal Accessories

Pro-Style Control with Manfrotto Gimbal Accessories

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Product Description

If you’re a vlogger or independent video creator, you already know that nothing beats a gimbal stabilizer to help capture smooth, professional-looking video footage. Long established as a major source of tripods, Manfrotto recently entered the gimbal market and has now announced a trio of gimbal accessories to complement its gimbals.

Already available as part of select Manfrotto gimbal kits, ­the Gimbal Remote Control, the Gimbal Follow Focus Motor, and the Carbon Fiber Gimbal Extension can be now be added independently to your Manfrotto Gimbal 220 or Gimbal 460, letting you choose the options you want for even greater control while filming.

Remote Control

Today’s gimbals offer an amazing level of control, and Manfrotto’s Remote Control can help you fine-tune those options by splitting control between the gimbal itself and the controller. This slim remote unit offers an on/off switch and control of the operating mode and of all the gimbal’s remote functions. When paired with the Follow Focus Motor, it enables you to focus with one hand while controlling the gimbal with the other or to hand focus off to an assistant. This Bluetooth controller features an operating range of 33-49' and both power and signal LCD status displays.

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