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Samsung Announces New TV Features

Samsung Announces New TV Features

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Samsung released a plethora of information about its upcoming TV lineup in today’s First Look event leading up to CES 2021, and I’ll be unpacking it all right here!


Samsung is bringing Neo QLED technology to its flagship 8K UHD and 4K UHD models—specifically, the QN900A and QN90A series. This uses a Quantum Mini LED light source controlled by Quantum Matrix Technology and the company’s Neo Quantum Processor, which is optimized for use in Neo QLED TVs and is 1/40 the height of traditional LED backlights. This backlight technology helps prevent blooming and increases the luminance scale to 12-bit with 4,096 steps to boost contrast and brightness for a more accurate and immersive HDR experience. Further, the Neo Quantum Processor uses deep learning technology and AI to upscale image quality of any source to near-4K or near-8K. Object Tracking Sound Pro helps sound seem like it’s coming directly from on-screen objects, and SpaceFit Sound adapts the TV’s audio to the room it’s installed in, tailoring it specifically for your room.

Samsung Neo QLED

These Neo QLED TVs also sport Samsung’s nearly bezel-less design called the Infinity One Design. They include a Slim One Connect Box, which houses all the TV’s connectivity and attaches to the back of the TV to provide an easier installation and a sleeker look.

Micro LED

Micro LED technology uses 24 million micrometer-sized, self-illuminating LED lights in place of a traditional backlight array to provide greater light control across the whole panel, helping the TVs create more lifelike color and brightness. 110 and 99" models will be available at launch, with smaller sizes projected for later in 2021; these larger sizes enable some functionality that might not be so practical on a smaller screen, such as their 4Vue (Quad View) feature, which lets you watch up to four different sources at the same time.

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