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Six DIY Studio Projects

Six DIY Studio Projects

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A persistent challenge photographers face when working in-studio is avoiding monotony. This can be especially difficult when shooting in the same space with the same tools and the same props over and over. One way of keeping your studio work fresh is by customizing the equipment with which you are working. This article covers a handful of do-it-yourself projects that can add a little extra character to your studio without requiring a large budget or extensive building experience.

Paint or Stain Your Apple Boxes

Are you tired of providing free advertising for Kupo or Matthews when posing your sitters on an apple box? An easy way to make your posing device more neutral is by simply painting it. Not only will this erase unwanted advertising, but it can also add significantly to the aesthetic of your shots. Fashion photographers working with bold color palettes can match their environment or provide a splash of contrast by painting their apple boxes. For a more subdued effect, you can also consider staining your apple box. Most wooden apple boxes are receptive to staining, transforming your simple studio accessory into a furniture-quality prop.

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