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The Art and Science of Action Panning Photographs

The Art and Science of Action Panning Photographs

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We have probably all seen images in which the photographer has panned with the action—photos where the subject is in fairly sharp focus and the background is blurred due to the motion of the camera. The subjects you might have seen in action panning photos include cars, trucks, airplanes, runners, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. Done well, action panning photographs are a pleasure to look at and, believe it or not, action panning is not the most difficult technique to learn with your camera. However, getting great results can be a bit of a challenge. Let's dive into the technique and grab some tips on how you can start to become a master of action panning photographs!

Photographs © Todd Vorenkamp

The Goal of Action Panning

The goal of action panning photography is to create an image in which a subject in motion looks relatively sharp and clear while the background appears streaky and blurry. The key to a successful action panning image is having something acceptably sharp in the frame. You do not want everything in an action panning image to be very blurry, but some blur can be expected. (The examples in this article show various degrees of success with eliminating blur while panning.)

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