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Upgrade Your Virtual Classroom on a Budget

Upgrade Your Virtual Classroom on a Budget

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Professors, special education providers, and the like are moving mountains in efforts to create the most equitable and efficient learning experience for their students, no matter where they are. Whether you’re an educator solely working remotely, or someone who is splitting their time between in-person and virtual learning, an unrestricted workflow can alleviate any additional stressors of virtual/hybrid teaching.

As an educator, you want technology to beef up your system as easily and as cost-efficiently as possible. Acknowledging the wide spectrum of educators, affordability, accessibility, and comfort with technology, there are ways to access easy-to-use, durable, and reliable tech without breaking the bank. Finding the right laptop bag could make all the difference when transitioning between in-person and virtual teaching. Having a document camera can assist with virtual “hands-on” learning needed for students. Purchasing an additional monitor could help organize a virtual workspace.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of budget-friendly to higher-end technological accessories that could help upgrade and streamline your virtual classroom.

Document Cameras

Document cameras provide an up-close and focused perspective on a given exercise or lesson plan that whiteboards lack. The clear image makes it easier for students to see and support certain “hands-on” exercises, like working out a math equation or analyzing a manuscript—exercises that may be more challenging in a virtual learning setting. Think of a document camera as a virtual transparency!

Good: Elmo OX-1 Visual Presenter*

Better: Elmo OX-1 Visual Presenter and Writing Board Bundle*

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