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Canon T-Series Cameras: The Bridge to Contemporary

Canon T-Series Cameras: The Bridge to Contemporary

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I received my Canon T50 as a birthday present from a parent who knew little about photography. But what I surely didn’t know at sixteen was that this camera would mark the beginning of my photography career and also the beginning of the end for Canon’s FD mount.

A sentence like that could only float by on a pillow of sentimental hindsight, but it is true that my first photo exhibit was of images taken with the T50 and, also fact, that in 1987 Canon introduced the “Electro-Focus” EF mount and EOS system, which was soon to make the FD mount, introduced in 1971, obsolete. However, from 1983 to 1991, Canon released five different T series cameras for the FD mount. The cameras occupied professional and amateur ranks, were the vehicles to introduce important Canon technologies, and are remembered fondly by working photojournalists of the era and by the many of us who made their entrance to 35mm photography with one of these easy-to-use yet technically forward cameras.

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