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Develop Film at Home! A Step-by-Step Guide

Develop Film at Home! A Step-by-Step Guide

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One of the most intimidating aspects of working with film today is accessibility and availability of resources for processing. With professional labs becoming rarer and rarer in most parts of the world, except for major urban centers, one of the remaining options for the photographer pining to shoot film is to develop one’s own. The good news is, however, that developing film at home is incredibly easy, requires few tools and little space, and gives you superior results and control over what many labs could ever offer.

The Tools You Need

Assembling a basic kit of black-and-white film development supplies is easy and should take up about as much room as the proverbial breadbox. For popularity’s sake, we’ll stick with roll film for the bulk of this article, although there are unique options for sheet film photographers, as well.

Developing Tank

A tank is the vessel used to hold your film and chemistry in place and prevent light from exposing the film during the developing process. The Paterson tank system is an industry standard for plastic tanks and comes with everything you need besides reels. For purists out there, stainless steel tanks for roll film are also of a standard size and offer increased durability and temperature retention. Whichever way you go, keep in mind that plastic reels must be matched with plastic tanks, and stainless-steel reels must be matched with stainless steel tanks.

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