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Effective Aperture and Macro

Effective Aperture and Macro

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There are few genres of photography as technical as macro photography, and it seems like the closer to a subject you get, the trickier it can be to work out all of the variables of exposure, focus, and sharpness. While figures like magnification, aperture, and depth of field are still relevant in all arenas of photography, they take on a new level of importance when working close up. The reward to solving a puzzle like this, though, is dynamic and amazing close-up views that simply aren’t achievable with your own eyes.

To begin, it’s worthwhile reviewing some basic concepts of macro photography. Magnification, a key concept in macro, describes the size of an object on your sensor or film as compared to its size in real life. If you photograph a 1-cm-long object and it physically takes up 1 cm of space on your sensor, then you are working at a life-size, 1:1 (or 1.0x) magnification. If you photograph something that is 4cm long and it takes up 1 cm of space, you are working at a 1:4 (0.25x) magnification and, if you photograph something 1 cm long and it takes up 2 cm of space, you are working greater than life-size at a 2:1 (2.0x) magnification.

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