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Exploring the World of Ultra-Wide Macro Photography

Exploring the World of Ultra-Wide Macro Photography

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Macro photography never ceases to amaze me. Show me the face of a jumping spider reproduced at life-size or greater and I’ll undoubtedly stop what I’m doing and stare at it for a while. What’s interesting is how ultra-wide-angle lenses, which are available for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, can be used to greatly amplify the visual impact of macro photographs.

To keep things in context, for this article, I define ultra-wide-angle lenses as full-frame fixed prime and zoom lenses with a focal length wider than 28mm (approx. 75°AoV). Ultra-wides include lenses ranging from 25mm through 10mm for full-frame rectilinear ultra-wide-angle lenses. For smaller-format camera systems, multiply the full-frame focal length by 1.5x for APS-C camera lenses, 1.6x for Canon SOS lenses, or 2x for MFT-format camera lenses. Also included in this category are circular and full-frame fisheye lenses.

Photographs © Allan Weitz 2021

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