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Film-Editing Loupes

Film-Editing Loupes

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The term “pixel peeping” might be a product of the digital age, but the concept of critically eyeballing the details of a photograph go way back to the earliest days of photography. Back when film was king, the only way to “zoom in” to see exactly how good your lens-focusing skills were was to view your transparencies and negatives through a loupe.

During the heyday of film photography, the most popular loupes were manufactured by Schneider Kreuznach. Schneider loupes, as they were most commonly called, were the gold standard among professional photographers and picture editors. Unlike cheaper plastic loupes (such as the equally loved—and often swiped—Agfa loupe, or as it’s known today, the Kalt AGFA 8x Loupe), Schneider loupes were sharp corner to corner and never displayed color aberrations. When you viewed pictures through a Schneider loupe, you saw exactly what you captured—warts and all.

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