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Viewfinder Showdown: Optical Rangefinders vs EVFs

Viewfinder Showdown: Optical Rangefinders vs EVFs

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Until recently, electronic viewfinders (EVFs) weren’t taken seriously, especially in professional photography circles. Even though they have always offered some clear advantages over optical viewfinders (OVFs), like WYSIWYG exposure preview, for instance, early EVFs were also characterized by pixelated and laggy image quality that was a turnoff to many shooters. This was one reason, among others, that DSLR technology remained dominant for quite some time after the introduction of the mirrorless camera.

In recent years, however, EVFs have really improved. Higher resolutions and improved refresh rates have made EVFs sharper, with less lag than ever, leveling the playing field to some degree. Over the past several weeks, thanks to the good folks at Leica, I’ve gotten to spend some time with the Leica M10-R rangefinder. While this camera is best known for its OVF and rangefinder focusing system, it also came fitted with the Visoflex (Typ 020) Electronic Viewfinder, which connects by way of the hot shoe. This gave me the unusual opportunity to appreciate the pros and cons of electronic and optical viewfinder varieties at the same time, with the same camera.

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