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5 Tips for a More Efficient Photo Workflow

5 Tips for a More Efficient Photo Workflow

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While many of us are waiting to get back outside and shoot, now would be a great time to take care of some preparatory measures to make sure your photo workflow will be as efficient as possible once things are back up and running. It’s one thing to have all of the gear you need for any shoot, but it’s another to have it all dialed-in, cleaned, and ready for use. Here are some measures from which all photographers can benefit.

Backup, Format, and Organize Your Memory Cards

If your desk, shelves, drawers, and camera bags look anything like mine, then there’s a high chance you have random memory cards all over the place; some with photos on them, some formatted, some full, some empty, and so on. Now is the time to take on that arduous task of wrangling all of them, or as many as possible, and manually looking through them one at a time. Make sure the contents of each are backed up (twice, ideally) and then go ahead and format each card. From there, I recommend looking for a memory card case or wallet that catches your eye—I’m a fan of this one from Think Tank—to establish a system of order for your cards. No more will you have to guess or hunt and peck at which cards are good to go, because you now have a system in place to keep your memory cards backed up and ready to go.

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