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A Few Basic Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Your Guitar or Bass

A Few Basic Tips for Cleaning and Polishing Your Guitar or Bass

B&H explora - All posts
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The B&H SuperStore is not a well-known retailer of musical instruments. It’s true that our audio department has offered synthesizers, keyboards, controllers, and digital pianos for a long time, but we’re probably not the first place you think of when you’re thinking about guitars, basses, or their care and maintenance. B&H does carry a modest lineup of stringed instruments, as well as a few products for their care and cleaning. Here are some simple tips for cleaning and polishing your prized stringed instrument, if that’s the way you roll.

Tee Shirts or Diapers?

There is a great deal of advice online about cleaners and polishes for guitar finishes, and each guitar player you ask will have a different opinion about them. Most luthiers (the people who build and repair guitars) will tell you that the best cleaner is simply a soft, damp—wrung out, not dripping wet—cotton cloth, such as an old tee shirt. Use it to wipe skin oil, grime, and smudges from your guitar and then use a soft, dry cloth to absorb excess moisture and buff. Old baby diapers that have been washed many times serve this task perfectly.

Microfiber Cloths

If you have any trepidation about cleaning with used diapers, there is a multitude of microfiber polishing cloths on the market that are quite soft and designed expressly for this purpose. Just be sure not to use the knobby microfiber cloths that are normally used for dusting and polishing furniture, because the rough texture of those will leave scratches in the finish of your fine guitar. I can verify this from personal experience, so don’t do it! You can use flat, shiny cloths or soft, chamois-like ones. Lens-cleaning cloths are extra gentle on finishes.

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