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Breathing New Life Into Your Old Camera

Breathing New Life Into Your Old Camera

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In the ever-changing digital world, it is often financially difficult to keep pace with the technology and constantly acquire the latest and greatest gear. Many of us save up our hard-earned cash to get the latest camera, only to see it be replaced weeks or months after we acquired our new toy. That can be disheartening, of course, but here are a few tips on how you can breathe new life into your aging digital camera.

I was going to conclude with a few thoughts, but let’s begin with them instead…

  • Remember/learn/know that an older digital camera is completely capable of creating great photographs—even if it is one or two generations behind the latest offerings from that same manufacturer. This is fact.
  • When digital cameras came out, professional photographers were regularly using cameras that had between 2MP and 6MP of resolution and poor high ISO digital noise characteristics, yet they were still making great images.
  • When new cameras come out, the main advances are usually in resolution (more megapixels), processing speed (larger buffers, faster saving), processing capabilities (better ISO noise performance), and improvements in autofocus (speed/accuracy/options).
  • None of those improvements serve to make the camera you currently own obsolete, so you can still take the same great photos your camera took a few weeks ago before the new version was announced. Keep on shooting and don’t lose any sleep thinking your camera is no longer relevant.

If you think your long-in-the-tooth digital camera is in need of a facelift, please read on.

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