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Choosing Storage! DAS/NAS Options for Photographers

Choosing Storage! DAS/NAS Options for Photographers

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After the camera, a photographer’s next closest friend should definitely be a hard drive. Think about it. For the modern digital photographer, hard drives are the new albums full of negatives. They hold all your work and, if backups are being performed regularly, they keep your images safe and sound for many years, letting you pull up archived images quickly with speedy searches, as opposed to spending days flipping through pages of negative sleeves. Storage is also an area of computing that’s tough to understand, so let’s look at some options that may work for you.

Scenario 1: Traveling or Beginning Photographer

If you travel a lot, or if you are just getting started in photography, you are looking for two things when it comes to storage: compactness and ease of use. We will get into RAIDs, networking, etc., later, but for many, a single portable option will be the best place to start. Direct-Attached Storage, or DAS, is what many of you are already familiar with and refers to drives that are plugged directly into your computer via a USB/Thunderbolt™/Firewire/and similar cable. You will want something small, rugged, and fast if you need to be able to toss it into your bag to travel, and some of the most common in photographers’ packs are the Rugged series from LaCie. A nice starter drive is the Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive, available in sizes from 1-4TB, which has a common and fast 130 MB/s USB 3.0 port and a rubber bumper to protect against drops. Looking for something with a bit more speed? Try a Thunderbolt™/USB Type-C variant that is available as either an HDD or SSD.

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