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Examine Your Gear and Dump What You Aren’t Using

Examine Your Gear and Dump What You Aren’t Using

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Every so often it is a good idea to sort through all your gear. With winter releasing its grip and nicer weather on the way, now is the perfect time to assess what you have and what you’ve lost, give what you have a good cleaning, and figure out what needs repair, what needs replacing, and what you should just shed. If you are a gear junkie like me, the thought of getting rid of any piece of gear probably sends you into a panic. After all, this is the gear you’ve worked hard to purchase, and perhaps you think, “So what if it isn’t shiny and new? I can still use it on a job. I can’t get rid of it. What if one day I need it and I don’t have it?”

The reality is that if you are hoarding it “just in case,” it is either packed into an all-too-heavy equipment case—or the day you need it, it will be at home sitting on a shelf, so you wouldn’t have had it on your shoot anyway. I know how you feel; I still have my DVX-100. I haven’t used it in years and was only keeping it around because I had one project that kept demanding new footage. I finally convinced the director to move out of the SD world, and I haven’t used it since. I keep it now because it has more than paid for itself a long time ago, I can use the batteries for other cameras via battery plates, and I have a mess of DV tapes to digitize. If any of those excuses sounds reasonable to you, then remember: The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Take a Day

Schedule a day for yourself and spread out all your gear. I’d suggest separating camera from lighting and grip, or audio (if you have more than one category of gear); you may want to spread out a sound blanket or something to protect your floor and to keep your gear clean. Then, don’t forget to take a sheet of paper and make an inventory, if you don’t already have one. While you are at it, look at your cases and bags. Give them a good going over once you’ve emptied them of your gear. Clean them out; shake them out, check for any small components that are hiding inside. A small stiff brush is an excellent tool for cleaning bags and cases, or wind some tape on your hand, sticky side out, and run it over the inside of the case/bags.

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