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Gradus Announces the Angler FastBox 24

Gradus Announces the Angler FastBox 24

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Short Description:

Product Description

Light modifiers keep getting better and better. Softboxes, in particular, although portable when collapsed, have often been an exercise in frustration and wasted time when it comes to setting them up. Yes, the light quality you get from them can be just right, but they are sometimes such a pain that they go unused except when really, really needed. Enter the Angler FastBox Octagonal Softbox 24" and its smaller compeer, the 20" version.

Here we have an octagonal softbox that is a great size for portraits, incredibly easy and fast to set up, supremely portable, and adaptable to all sorts of speedlights and small strobes. Light shaping has never been so convenient.

FastBox Features

The Angler FastBox softboxes have silvered interiors, inner baffles, a front diffuser, and can be handheld or mounted on a standard 5/8" pin found on most light stands. The combination of inner baffle and front diffuser renders a fairly even light source without drastic hotspots.

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