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Guide to Cleaning Your Smartphone

Guide to Cleaning Your Smartphone

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According to the CDC’s Guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting, routinely touched surfaces, such as your smartphone, heighten the risk of exposure to the coronavirus. To combat that risk, the CDC recommends regularly cleaning and disinfecting those same surfaces—including your phone. To guide you through the cleaning process, we’ve put together a general walkthrough that will illustrate all the dos and don’ts of how to properly disinfect your phone.

Before You Disinfect

Before cleaning your phone, there are a few precautionary steps you should take. First, wash your hands with soap and water. By now, we all know the drill: the coronavirus can live on your hands, and washing them with soap and water is paramount if you want to kill the virus and stop its spread. Second, turn off your phone. The less electricity there is coursing through your handset, the less likely it is to be damaged.

Disinfecting Your Phone

Now, to disinfect to your phone, some companies, like Apple, recommended using either 70-percent isopropyl wipes or a similar, alcohol-based mixture with a microfiber cloth. Applied correctly, this concentration should help kill the coronavirus and prevent it from spreading.

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