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It's Spring, a Good Time to Clean up Your Computer

It's Spring, a Good Time to Clean up Your Computer

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Springtime is all about cleaning and, while you’re busy folding clothes, organizing drawers, and dusting shelves, your computer is slowly suffocating. It’s easy to overlook cleaning your PC, but you shouldn’t put it off for too long. If left powered on, a computer will slowly build up dust, which can impede airflow, resulting in higher temperatures and possibly hardware failure. Try swiping your fingertip across the top of it and see how much dust you’ve picked up. Now try the same with areas near a vent. In this cleaning guide, we’re not only going to cover PCs, but also peripherals. So, gear up because we’re going bunny hunting. (Dust bunnies, of course!)


To keep things cool and operational, desktops are outfitted with intake and exhaust fans. These fans usually have a grille or dust filter of some sort covering them, that’s probably lined with dust by now. So, your weapon of choice? The METROVAC DataVac. As opposed to compressed air that comes in disposable cans, the DataVac is a compact dusting unit with a 500W motor capable of producing 70CFM of air flow. Since I own one, I can say, yes, it pushes a lot of air and yes, it’s quite loud when in use. Why would you use it rather than canned air? Because it’s more powerful, cost-effective, and comes with multiple nozzle attachments for different scenarios.

METROVAC DataVac DataVac Electric Duster Model ED500

Now that you’re ready, let’s get to it!

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