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Macro Is Everywhere

Macro Is Everywhere

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Congratulations on the purchase of your macro photography gear—a world of discovery awaits you. Macro and extreme close-up photography are genres that truly foster a “new” way of seeing, and the goal of this article is to encourage those who own macro-capable gear to embrace the possibilities, to experiment, and to take more macro photos.

Get deep with me, people—the contracted world of macro photography is an ever-expanding, limitless abstraction. It is not necessary to seek distant lands or beautiful people to enjoy the art and craft of macro photography, nor is it necessary to purchase expensive lenses or complicated lighting kits. And as interesting and beautiful as they are, it is not the multi-eyed insect or exotic flower at the local botanical garden that intrigues me; it is the “everyday” items we find in our home, office, basement, or backyard that are material for the most interesting macro photos.

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