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Pelican Vault Cases Get Carry-On Fun

Pelican Vault Cases Get Carry-On Fun

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I am not a “hard case guy,” but I know many who use them, and I know they are essential for a lot of photographers, videographers, and creatives who are constantly on the go and need extra protection for their gear. And, if you have even given hard cases a moment of thought, the Pelican brand of protective “stuff” is guaranteed to have made it onto your radar because the term “Pelican case” is often used even when referring to both the brand’s products and its competition. (We torture-tested one Pelican case in this video.) Will the new Pelican Vault V525 Carry-On Rolling Case (available with foam or padded dividers) make me a “hard case guy?” Let’s find out!

Pelican’s Vault Line

The Pelican Vault Line is marketed by Pelican as its “Affordable new case line from the worldwide leader in protection,” indicating that this is its entry-level line, as far as price point. Well, if this is Pelican’s entry-level offering, I really don’t know how much better its standard or Air cases could be over the Vault line of storage units.

Yes, there are differences—the most important being that Vault cases are not waterproof. They have an O-ring seal, but if you plan on submerging your camera gear, the Vault cases are not rated as waterproof. They are crushproof (why else would you want a hard case?), dustproof, and weatherproof.

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