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Secure Portable Drives: Protect Your Data on the Go

Secure Portable Drives: Protect Your Data on the Go

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Everyone should be securing their data. While you may not have to worry about that movie you downloaded from iTunes, you likely have some more sensitive data you would like to protect in a digital vault. And then you still might want to toss that into a real, physical safe. The constant threat has brought secure portable hard drives to the forefront and it seems companies are coming out with more to help enterprise and everyday customers.

The Benefit of Physical Media

The Web is a dangerous place. Every time you load a webpage, send, or receive data, you are at risk. Luckily, many of your well-known companies—Apple, Google, Microsoft—have been putting safeguards on devices and apps to protect users as best they can. Still, some things are better left away from connected devices and the Internet. Also, anyone who has tried to send large files via transfer services understands that it is extremely time consuming.

Sending a couple of terabytes of raw video data is going to be much faster if you can just hand off a physical drive or card containing the files. Wired transfer speeds are still light years ahead of wireless setups. This makes portable drives ultra-useful. Foreseeable issues with mailing physical drives is that most are plug-and-play. This means if anyone gets ahold of yours, they can just plug it in and read everything on it.

Of course, many drives come with encryption options and plenty of software is available to add the proper levels of security to keep things secure. This added layer is enough to deter many people from using it—some high-end use cases, for example, the people shooting popular TV shows and movies. It makes sense in a way since this is another layer of complexity on the workflow and may require new software and training of everyone involved.

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