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SM7B vs. MV7: A Shure Shootout

SM7B vs. MV7: A Shure Shootout

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Product Description

Anyone in the recording game is familiar with Shure microphones—and anyone in the broadcast world is acquainted with the Shure SM7B. First released in 1973, the SM7B quickly became a standard not just in the world of music, but in radio and, eventually, podcasting.

Now, nearly half a century after 1973, the company has released another mic shurely (sorry) poised to take the digitizing broadcasting industry by storm. I speak of the Shure MV7, a microphone that takes its visual cues from the SM7B, but adds a USB connection into the mix, thereby taking the mic into the 21st century. XLR? USB? Your choice with the MV7!

The company was kind enough to send me both microphones for a side-by-side comparison. What follows is that comparison.

Look and Feel

The Shure SM7B exudes solidity. It looks like the microphone you picture when I say, “microphone in a radio station.” And, if you’ve ever picked it up, you know how solid it feels.

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