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Tips for Cleaning Your Lenses and Image Sensor

Tips for Cleaning Your Lenses and Image Sensor

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It’s true that keeping your equipment clean and in tip-top shape can be a chore, but it’s unfortunately a chore that everyone needs to take on at some point. Right now might just be the perfect time to take on the arduous tasks of giving your lenses a good cleaning, as well as maybe stepping up to the intimidating process of cleaning your sensor. Keeping both of these tools clean helps to ensure the highest image quality when you get back to shooting, and will also make your post-production life a bit more efficient. It’s also a good thing to get in the habit of doing since the more frequently you do it, the less intense the process will be each subsequent time.

Cleaning Lenses

The task of cleaning lenses can be a very simple one, but it’s one you should do regularly to reap the most benefits. I can confess that I didn’t clean any of my lenses for a good 8-10 years when I just started out. It didn’t seem like an especially necessary thing to do. I’d wipe off a big fleck of dust from time to time, but never really took on the task of using specialized tools or cleaning products. Then one day, I received some lens cleaner as a free item and decided to give it a go. The next rolls I shot, post cleaning, had a noticeable increase in sharpness and contrast; images felt punchier and crisper, so much so that I was curious if I was missing focus on all of my images for the past few years. But I chalked it up to just taking a layer of dirt off my lenses and beginning to make full use of my lenses again.

The actual process of cleaning a lens is straightforward:

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