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Tips for Getting Your Photo Gear up to Speed

Tips for Getting Your Photo Gear up to Speed

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If you haven’t touched your cameras since the leaves turned color and fell from the trees, it’s time to break out your gear, clean it up, and get everything ready for a new season of picture taking. In case you haven’t noticed—spring is coming down fast! If you are an outdoor photographer and are thinking of ways to upgrade your gear, see my article Ten Ways to Upgrade Your Gear for Outdoor Photography.

For Starters, Empty Your Camera Bag and Clean It

Over time, dust particles and other forms of airborne detritus find their way into the recesses of your camera bag. If left unchecked, some of this detritus ultimately finds its way onto and into your camera gear, which is something you don’t want. Empty your camera bag, including the inserts, and shake it out. After sorting the loose change from the gum wrappers and fast food receipts, vacuum the interior of your bag, making sure to clean the corners of every pocket and insert. If your bag is washable, wash it thoroughly and set it out to air dry.

Camera bag inserts prevent your gear from banging around in the bag. Nylon doesn’t fray with use, and bright-colored inserts make it easier to find smaller accessories that fall to the bottom.

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