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Toast Women’s History Month Virtually with Conference + Chill

Toast Women’s History Month Virtually with Conference + Chill

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In Part 1 of our chat with Stacey Owen, founder of the creative agency Pepper, she describes evolving her own photo business to build an all-women team dedicated to helping other creative entrepreneurs maximize their strategy and hone their process. We continue our conversation below by pivoting to how Owen and her Pepper team spun the isolation and hardship of 2020 into fresh opportunity for creative connection by launching Conference + Chill (C+C), a series of virtual gatherings that combine learning, inspiration and new contacts with plenty of fun.

B&H is a proud sponsor of C+C events, with a Beer + Gear hang hosted by Madeleine Budd, from our Road Marketing team, also featuring special guests and valuable giveaways. Mark your calendars for Sunday, March 21, when the next C+C event, dedicated to Women in Photography, will be streamed over Instagram Live in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Jill Waterman: The past year has been extremely disruptive for photographers and businesses serving creative markets. How has Pepper been affected by the pandemic, and what changes have occurred within your creative client base?

Stacey Owen: Before the pandemic hit, Pepper was doing really well, and we were super steady. The team has always been very close knit, but it was in a golden spot. We were just a year old, and everything was going incredibly well; I was so proud. We had 80 people on our waitlist, which was awesome. But when the pandemic hit, 75% of our creatives paused their time with us in the first week. It was brutal. I looked at my beautiful team, and thought how am I going to keep everybody working? It was either lay people off, which I was so resistant to doing, or come up with something. I was helping one of our creatives with a situation, and we were talking about doing a webinar and some online education. I think we've all seen an increase in these things since the pandemic started, it’s one of the biggest ways creatives have pivoted their businesses to add more offerings.

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