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Antelope Announces Axino Synergy Core Premium USB Modeling Microphone

Antelope Announces Axino Synergy Core Premium USB Modeling Microphone

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Supercharged with versatile mic-modeling technology that puts an entire vintage mic locker at your disposal and onboard DSP/FPGA chips that power the included plug-in bundle without taxing your computer, the Antelope Axino Synergy Core serves as a premium all-in-one USB microphone and audio interface that’s perfect for artists and producers who want professional studio quality in a single, compact package. Not only is it loaded with features from Antelope’s impressive Synergy Core interfaces and popular modeling mics, but it’s also bus powered, portable, and a cinch to set up.

As far as the mic bits go, the Axino Synergy Core utilizes a large-diaphragm condenser capsule with a 34mm gold-sputtered membrane and a background noise-reducing cardioid polar pattern. Combine that with the integrated Antelope Discrete preamp and you’ve got a winner for clean, quiet, and transparent capture of vocals and acoustic instruments. Plus, unlike most USB mics, this one has pad and high-pass filter switches right on the mic. If you’re longing for the sound of a classic mic, just pull up one of the 18 included mic emulations—tube mics, FETs, and even dynamics are there, and you can record and monitor with them in real time.

The Axino Synergy Core will also extend your effects collection, thanks to the bundle of 10 vocal-oriented, real-time processors that comes with it. Powered by the onboard DSP and FPGA chips, these effects won’t bog down your CPU, so your computer’s power will still be free for your favorite native plug-ins. Beyond the included effects—EQs, compressors, preamps, reverb, and more, more than 80 analog-modeled effects are available for purchase.

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