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B&H Creator of the Week: Steve Giralt, Visual Engineer

B&H Creator of the Week: Steve Giralt, Visual Engineer

B&H explora - All posts
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Welcome to the world of Steve Giralt, where speeding matter, splashing fluids, and powerful lights converge under millisecond timelines to crystallize as iconic advertising campaigns. In his remarkable transition from advertising photographer to visual engineer, Giralt has concocted a secret sauce that fuses elaborate technical feats with an irresistible element of play. That, and his constant passion for bigger challenges ahead, leads us to welcome him as our next B&H Creator of the Week.

By means of introduction, we recently asked Giralt to respond to a few questions about his remarkable relationship with robots, his expansive Brooklyn headquarters, and the growth of his business brand, The Garage, into three parts—production company, Cinema Robot rental house, and online educational resource. Keep your eyes on B&H’s social media channels in the days to come for even more of Giralt’s big ideas and effervescent content. And, if you’re a passionate director with big ideas of your own, The Garage might be interested in collaborating.

Jill Waterman: Where are you based?

Steve Giralt: Brooklyn, NY.

What are your most important social feeds/networks?

Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter.

How long have you been making pictures, and what were your primary interests when you first picked up a camera?

I first picked up a camera my junior year of high school, while working on the staff of my high school newspaper. For me, the camera was a magical tool, which let me freeze a moment in time while also bringing to that moment my view of the world. I quickly got obsessed, and was the kid who always had a camera around his neck, everywhere I went.

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