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Clay Bolt’s Quest to Save a Species with Images

Clay Bolt’s Quest to Save a Species with Images

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Clay Bolt and his Quest to Save a Species with Images

Wildlife conservation photographer Clay Bolt says, “As far back as I can remember, I've been fascinated with insects, and little things like frogs. My other twin passion was always art, particularly illustration, and later on painting. So, I’ve always gone back and forth to combine these two loves of my life.”

Growing up in South Carolina, Bolt was drawn to nature, but had yet to discover the rich biodiversity of his boyhood stomping grounds fully. After heading off to university with a portfolio of illustrations and paintings, he followed a professor’s suggestion that, to earn a living with art, he should pursue graphic design.

Photographs © Clay Bolt

“I followed that program through, and enjoyed it a lot, graduating in 1998,” explains Bolt. “But after I started working, I got really burned out with advertising. It just wasn't what I was seeking when I was in school.”

Life-Changing Advice

In 2001, Bolt had an opportunity to travel to Western Australia. Shortly before leaving, he had a conversation with his then manager, Dale Cochran, which would ultimately change his life. “I had related to Dale that I felt I wasn't really getting what I wanted out of my work, and I kind of felt stuck,” Bolt recalls. “Dale said, ‘What you really need to do in life is think back to what you wanted to do as a little child. If you can find your way back to that place, then you're going to find your purpose and your passion.’”

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