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Handheld Close-Up Focus Stacking Guide

Handheld Close-Up Focus Stacking Guide

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Macro and close-up photographers often employ the technique of “focus stacking” to increase the depth of field in their images. While this is often done in a controlled studio environment with a sturdy tripod or support and sometimes the benefit of macro focusing rails, it is possible to use this technique out in the field armed only with a minimal amount of gear. Handheld focus stacking is challenging, fun, and can produce some great results.

Focus stacking virtually extends your depth of field. In the single image (left), the compass has a shallow area of focus, while with stacked images (right), it is in sharp focus from front to back. FUJIFILM X-T3 with FUJIFILM XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 LM OIS lens and FUJIFILM MCEX-11 11mm Extension Tube

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