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iMac and M1: The Power to Do Everything Better

iMac and M1: The Power to Do Everything Better

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At this year’s “Spring Loaded” event, one thing was made abundantly clear: Apple is all in on its M-series chips. Along with the newly enhanced iPad Pro, Apple introduced a totally redesigned iMac featuring Apple’s vaunted new M1 processor. The message behind the new processor is clear: The iMac now has the power to do everything better.

iMac for Photography

Prior to Apple’s big silicon transition, the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro were its go-to devices for working photographers. Post-transition, however, Apple now has multiple devices capable of serving photographers and other creative professionals. One such device is the latest 24-inch iMac, which is the newest entry point for photographers looking for a desktop workstation powerful enough to handle their workflow. How did the iMac make the transition from an everyday desktop to a pro caliber powerhouse? Two words, three syllables: M1 chip.

With inclusion of the M1 chip, the new iMac is now more capable in every single regard, including those processes that benefit photographers most. Users can expect up to 2x faster GPU performance apps like Affinity Photo or Adobe’s now-native Lightroom and Photoshop. Power users should have no issue handling their workflow, because the new processor can easily fly through edits on 100+ megapixel images. It’s an absolute understatement to say that the M1 can make quick work of any photography projects you throw at it. In fact, we would be more shocked if there were a photography project it couldn’t handle.

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