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Introducing the Reinforced Gitzo Ball Head Series 4

Introducing the Reinforced Gitzo Ball Head Series 4

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Upping the weight capacity while maintaining the precision and smooth operability it's known for, Gitzo has just released the Ball Head Series 4. This top-end ball head has been redesigned to support loads up to 66 lb, making it a truly solid choice for professional applications involving heavy camera-lens combinations, such as when working with super-telephoto lenses. Beyond just an increased weight limit, the new Series 4 head manages to maintain a relatively lightweight profile, seamless control, and is available with either screw knob or quick release lever locking methods.

Let's take a more in-depth look at this new Gitzo Ball Head Series 4.

• The standout feature of this tripod head has to be the impressive weight capacity of 66 lb. This should easily accommodate even the heaviest DSLR/mirrorless and super-tele lens combinations, making it a perfect choice for wildlife, birding, and nature shooting, especially when a gimbal head is too unwieldy or doesn't offer the desired range of movement.

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