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iPad Pro with M1 Chip: Incredible Power and Potential

iPad Pro with M1 Chip: Incredible Power and Potential

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Apple is all in on the M-series chips. At the “Spring Loaded” event on April 22, Apple revealed multiple products that contain the M1 processor. The iMac was a sensible and expected reveal, but the iPad Pro with M1 came out of nowhere. We are quite literally able to access the performance and power of a computer on the iPad. That has incredible potential.

A Primer on Apple Silicon

Let’s start at the beginning. Apple is in the midst of a processor transition on its Mac line, moving from Intel® chips to Apple-designed silicon. This is an incredibly technical discussion—and one best left to developers—but we can talk about some of the key advantages Apple has promised with this shift.

  • Superior power efficiency (aka longer battery life and AC power draw)
  • Better optimization between hardware and software
  • Ability to run iOS/iPadOS applications on Mac

The iPad was already using Apple silicon with the A-series chips. We have seen how these advantages work in practice on the iPad, and our early use of M1 Macs has shown clear benefits in battery life, power draw, and interoperability. The most interesting part is, honestly, that last bullet point: the ability to run iOS/iPadOS apps on Mac natively.

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