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Macro on a Budget: Using Extension Tubes

Macro on a Budget: Using Extension Tubes

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The awesome and exciting world of close-up or macro photography does not need to be yet another expensive foray into the world of photography. In fact, you don’t need to buy, rent, borrow, or steal a dedicated macro lens at all. You can do macro photography with the lens(es) you already own plus a few relatively inexpensive additions. For those looking for what I think is the best way to do macro photography on a budget, I have two words for you: extension tubes.

Non-product photos © Todd Vorenkamp
All photos taken with FUJIFILM XF 35mm f/1.4 R and FUJIFILM extension tubes

What Are Extension Tubes?

Extension tubes are metal (or plastic and metal) tubes that are mounted between a camera and lens to extend the physical distance between them. They are designed for a specific lens mount to attach mechanically to the camera and lens.

Extension Tube Set
Extension Tube Set

By physically extending the distance between the camera and a lens, you allow the camera to focus closer than its published minimum focus distance (MFD), allowing close-up photography. This allows you to use your “regular” lenses for close-up photography—no specialized or expensive macro lens are needed!

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