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RØDE Wireless GO II Q&A

RØDE Wireless GO II Q&A

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Following RØDE’s recent release of the Wireless GO II, we were able to meet with Ryan Burke from RØDE to answer some common questions and further explain the system’s special functions.

32-Bit Float

Q: What is 32-bit float, and how does the Wireless GO II utilize 32-bit float technology?

  • Devices that record in 32-bit float allow you to avoid distortion or noise regardless of the level at which you record, thanks to the file’s ability to adjust gain post recording.
  • The Wireless Go II records at a maximum resolution of 24-bit/48 kHz, and thus does not provide the benefit of recording at 32-bit float. Using the RØDE Central app, you can export files in 32-bit float format, which offers convenience for importing files into 32-bit float DAW sessions, but not the benefits stated above.

Line Input on Transmitter

Q: Is it possible to bring line- or instrument-level sources into the transmitter?

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