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12 Ways to Explore Photography with Your New Camera

12 Ways to Explore Photography with Your New Camera

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Welcome to the world of photography beyond what you can do with your smartphone! With an interchangeable-lens digital camera (DSLR or mirrorless) you can do so much more than when you’re using the camera in your phone. Even though it can be intimidating at first, there are some fun photographic challenges that even beginning photographers will enjoy. Not only are they relatively easy, these photo assignments will build photographic fundamentals for all your future visual endeavors with your camera.

Some of these assignments are from an Introduction to Photography college class that I teach. Learn from my veteran students and try not to “overthink” the assignment; just go with the flow and have fun. We are surrounded by unlimited photographic subjects and beauty. Open your mind, see your image before you capture it, and enjoy making great photos.

Photographs ©Todd Vorenkamp

1. Silhouette

Fundamentals: Metering, Composition, Light

If you have a subject or object in front of a bright background (backlit) it’s easy to create a silhouette photograph. This is great for photography at sunrise or sunset or anytime you are dealing with a backlit subject.

Depending on your metering mode settings, the camera might try to compensate by choosing an exposure somewhere between the bright background and the dark subject, and you will get an all-white, blown-out background and a dark, but not silhouetted subject.

To prevent this, force the camera to meter on the bright background using a different metering mode and/or auto-exposure lock (AE-L), compose your shot, and make your silhouette.

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