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A Guide to Birding and Digiscoping

A Guide to Birding and Digiscoping

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Imagine seeing an incredibly rare bird at a great distance through a spotting scope. Those birding next to you cannot see the same bird. You need to prove to them, and to your own life list, that you have spotted this rare species. It is way too far away for your camera to capture. What can you do? This is a job for… digiscoping!

Digiscoping with a spotting scope, telescope, or binoculars turns your camera—even your smartphone or tablet camera—into a powerful optical device with a telephoto reach that blows even the most expensive DSLR lenses out of the wetlands, and for a fraction of the cost of a premium telephoto lens.

In this, the last of a four-part series on birding optics, we will talk about how to enter the exciting world of digiscoping to help you record and share your birding adventures.

Call it a hobby. Call it a pastime. Call it a sport. According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), in 2011, more than 47,000,000 Americans are “birders.” Birding ranks as the 15th most popular outdoor recreational activity in the US. Chances are that you either know a “birder” or you see one when you look in the mirror. B&H Photo is a great place for stocking up on the best birding optics available, or for shopping for your favorite birder.


“Digiscoping,” according to Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird Project Leader Marshall Iliff, “has made bird photography accessible to thousands of people who might not otherwise take bird photos.”

When he’s asked about digiscoping, 40-year birder Bill Stewart, Director of Conservation and Community at the American Birding Association says, “There are so many different ways to go birding today.” The word “digiscoping” is derived from the combination of digital camera and spotting scope. Digital photography and digiscoping have changed the way we document and share the observations of birds.

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