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Intro to Landscape Photography

Intro to Landscape Photography

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Landscape photography is a broad genre in which the outdoor landscape itself is the subject of the photo. Often, landscapes don’t have any people in them at all, although they are sometimes included to give the viewer a sense of scale. There are also subgenres that are generally considered to be under the umbrella of landscape photography, such as urban landscape, or cityscape as it’s sometimes called, long exposure, nature, astrophotography, and seascape photography, like the photo of the Block Island shoreline at the top of this page.

Landscapes can be literal documentations of a given scene, or they can be more impressionistic interpretations. They can even be abstract images that home in on the geometry and color of just a small part of a landscape. To catch the full breadth of any given scene, landscape photographers often use wide-angle, or even ultra-wide-angle, lenses. But landscapes can be shot with almost any lens. In fact, shooting landscapes is one style that you can experiment with as soon as you get your hands on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, even with a kit lens. No models, no props, and no lighting needed. This makes landscape an obvious go-to for many photographers who are just starting out, and eager to start developing their photography chops.

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